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Learn how to make choices that create the Life you REALLY want

with Krys Pappius


Krys Pappius is an Empowerment Coach, speaker, and best-selling author.


In 2003, Krys was living what many would call “a good life”.


She was in her 10th year of a career as a police officer, and as far as anyone was concerned, she was successful.


Then a serious car crash woke her up to the reality that, while she had all the trappings of success, the success was empty – her life had no meaning, and she no longer knew who she was or what she wanted in life.


In that moment, she promised herself things would change, that she would do whatever it took to create a life for herself that had meaning and purpose.


It took Krys several years of searching to discover the secret to creating the life she longed for and to create a life that is interesting, purpose-driven, and fun.


As an Empowerment Coach, Krys’ mission is to share what she has learned with successful women professionals and entrepreneurs who are tired of feeling stuck in life and uncertain as they look to the future, and who are ready to take action now to create a life they love.

Speaking Clips

Defying Expectations Over 60

In this video, I speak with Suki Jeffreys, host of the "Defining Expectations over 60" podcast, about how life after 60 can be exciting and lived with purpose and meaning. We talk about how two of the biggest obstacles are fear and the false cultural narrative that after 60 we have nothing to offer, when the truth is that, without cultural expectations, we get to do it OUR way.

Clarity Confidence Connection Summit

This is an audio recording of a conversation I had with Ranchelle Van Bryce during the Clarity-Confidence-Connection Summit in January 2023. In our conversation we discuss what steps over-achievers need to take in order to become high performers living their best life.

RealDivorce Talk with Mardi Winter-Adams

This conversation was one of a series of talks in the Real Divorce series, hosted by Mardi Winter-Adams. In the conversation we talk about what it takes to pivot from a life of empty success to a life of purpose and meaning.

The Impact of Saying "Yes" to a Lifelong Dream

In this episode of the Now Tell Us podcast, host Anthony Muiruri and I talk about the impact of finally saying "yes" to a lifelong dream. In my case, it was hiking to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the turning point that changed the trajectory of my life from people pleaser to high performer.

Shawn Jones interviews Krys Pappius

In this conversation with Shawn Jones of Inetrepreneur Network about Mindset, what it is, how it develops, and how we can change our mindset if our beliefs are holding us back from living our best life.

Download the guide:

Searching for Significance: How to find meaning in an empty world

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