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Searching for Significance

How to find purpose in an empty world for success women who feel their success is empty

How I went from living with empty success to living on my own terms with purpose, meaning, and FUN!


Hi, I'm Krys

Here’s the truth about empty success:


Empty success is the result of setting goals that are not aligned with our values and our purpose.


It happens when we set goals based on any of the following:


  • what we think we should do

  • what we think we should do

  • what others think we should do

  • a need to meet the expectations of others.


If our achievements do not reflect our values and our purpose, the result is an inner conflict and a sense of emptiness that cannot be filled.

This leads to feelings of stress, overwhelm, dissatisfaction, frustration, and, all too often, anger.

The great news is that empty success is not a life sentence!

It is Never too late to pivot to a life that is fulfilling, interesting, and FUN.


In my guide “SEARCHING FOR SIGNIFICANCE: How to find purpose in an empty world” I share 3 steps that will give you all of that and more.

Ready to start living your best life?

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Searching for Significance: How to find meaning in an empty world

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