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I work with clients who:

  • are intelligent and articulate

  • are curious about their role in the world

  • are life-long learners

  • are ready to live life on their own terms

  • are action oriented

  • want to have a positive impact on the world

My purpose:

To help YOU make the changes you need to make so that you can live life for yourself without feeling guilty.

What I REALLY do:

I help YOU live life in a way that honors both who you are at your core and your life purpose, so that you feel alive and engaged in everything you do.

The core values that drive my work with you:


the ability to make choices that are in alignment with who you are at your core


speaking out and taking action on things that matter


meeting people where they are at, without judgement


taking daily action in service of your mental and physical health


acknowledging the privilege of living in abundance

How I am different:

I believe that clear values and a clear life purpose are the foundations of a life well lived. This is the starting point for most of my clients.

I believe change happens in small steps - I don’t pressure you to blow up the life you now have and make sudden, dramatic changes.

I don’t promise quick fixes – change takes time, so I don’t offer one off sessions.

I only  take on a client after I confirm that you have a problem that I can solve and that

our values are in alignment.

I bring humor into my client sessions. The work I do with clients can be difficult and stressful at times. Humor lightens things up and helps my clients open up about themselves, their struggles and their dreams.

I want to make sure you are successful therefore any time I do group work, the groups are small so that you don't get lost.


What I bring to coaching:

  • 10 years in the Victim Assistance movement, 7 years as a volunteer supporting victims of and witnesses to crime, and 3 years as a paid Program Co-ordinator

  • 3 years as a Social Worker with mentally ill offenders in a major urban city

  • 20 years in Law Enforcement

  • BA Criminology with a heavy focus on Psychology

  • CTI certified Co-Active Life Coach – a one year intensive, experiential certification program certified by the International Coaching Federation.

What people say...

Kristall Barrett Stuart.jpeg

When I started working with Krys I was feeling overwhelmed. I was starting a new business, I had a dream that went beyond my business and I was not organized. I was worried that I could never balance my role as mother and wife on the one hand and a professional with a dream on the others. Furthermore I felt pressure to be perfect in all the roles that I had in life.

Working with Krys gave me a safe space to really acknowledge my feelings and work through them. I acknowledged my worth as a mother and as a professional woman. I gained clarity on what was important and what was not. I learned how to take things one step at a time without getting distracted by all the things that might go wrong. I learned how to say “no” to demands that distracted me from my goals. I gained self-confidence and I learned that it was okay to ask for help to make my professional dream a reality.

-Kristal Barrett-Stuart,
National account manager Fresh Vancouver Magazine, Founder: The Sparkle Project, singer/songwriter

Why I do what I do

My life today is GOOD!

I have virtually no stress.

My decision making is simple: it’s either a “hell yes” or a “hell no”, based on my values and my purpose.

Until the start of the pandemic, I traveled regularly. In fact, I was known as an “adventure traveler”.

I am an avid hiker, and my “happy place” is on some trail somewhere - I have even developed the confidence to do solo hikes when no one is available to head out with me - now THAT was stepping out of my comfort zone!

I am no social butterfly but I have a small circle of friends with whom I am connected, where I am accepted without judgement for who I am and what I represent.

Through my coaching business I live my purpose - which is to make people feel seen, heard, and valued, that they matter and that their life matters.

Volunteer work is important to me - I recently completed 19 years with Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring youth in our school system and I now volunteer at a pediatric hospice center.


On the outside it looked like I had it all:

  • No debt

  • I owned my home

  • I traveled the world

  • I lived on a good side of town

  • I had a steady, well paying job

But on the inside my soul was dying.

I was a people pleaser who lived with shame, lack of confidence, always trying to be invisible.

I was burned out, unable to care about anything or anyone.

I would lie awake at night reliving the past and worrying about the future, where I could only see more of the same.

I felt trapped in a life I didn’t like and I saw no way out.

It all came to a head one early morning at 5am when I drove onto a bridge deck that had black ice and my car spun out.

When I lost control of my vehicle, it remained in motion for what seemed like a long time.

You know, what they say is true, time did slow down.

And in that time, it finally hit me.

I knew I might not survive this event, and I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness as I thought of all the dreams that I had left on as shelf collecting dust, all the things I’d never done…

Sadness that I had never made a difference.

And I swore to myself that if I survived, things were going to change.

Eventually my car went head on into a concrete pillar and stopped moving.


What followed were 15 months of healing, 15 months before I was able to return to work.

But you know what? It was the best thing that has ever happened to me!

It forced me to own the fact that my work bored me and my life was unfulfilling. 

And it forced me to own the fact that if anything was going to change, it was up to me to do the changing. I had to take action.

Over the next few years, I attended webinars and courses and I read every self-help book I could get my hands on.

What I found was that most of them were fluff - they let me dream, but they never told me HOW to turn my dreams into reality.

I found a nugget in every 5th -6th webinar/workshop/book that I could actually use.

When I saw how all these useful nuggets could fit together, I used them to create a process that got me to turn my life around. 


I had a victory early on in my journey of transformation.

One of the dreams that had been sitting on the shelf collecting dust had been the dream of hiking up Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.I had first seen the mountain in 1980 while flying between Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya in 1980.

I knew it was possible to hike to the top but for years I told myself "you could never do that".

You could say it took me 26 years to hike up that mountain: 25 years of agonizing, one second to change my belief from "no you can't" to "yes you can", 1 year to prepare, and 8 days to hike to the top.

I got to the top of that mountain because I realized that the only thing stopping me from trying were the thoughts in my head that boiled down to "you are not good enough" and "you don't deserve it".

Changing those 2 thoughts made it possible for me to realize a lifelong dream.

Hiking to the top of Kilimanjaro was one thing. Creating a whole new life for myself was something else because I had so many years of bad thinking habits to undo.

I would love to tell you the transformation was easy, but that is simply not realistic. it took time for me to sift through the content of workshops, courses and books to find the nuggets to create a system of change. On top of that, I made a lot of mistakes and took a lot of wrong turns along the way.

My purpose as a coach is to share the system I created with others who are tired of being a people pleaser and who want to start living life for themselves, without feeling guilty about it, and without making the mistakes I made and without taking the wrong turns that I took during my own journey.


As a Mindset Coach, my mission is to share what I have learned with women who are exhausted from trying to be what everyone wants them to be and who want to start living life for themselves, without feeling guilty

To help you get started I have created a guide that shows you the step-by-step process I went through to start living the life I longed for. To get immediate access to the guide, enter your name and email below then watch your inbox for your copy of "Take Back Your Life"

Yes I want a copy of "Take Back Your Life"- How to stop being a people pleaser and start living life for yourself NOW!

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