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How it works:

We start with a  conversation to make sure we are aligned in our values and to make sure you have a problem that I can solve.

During this  session we will:

Have a look at your life today.

Look at where you would prefer to be

Identify the obstacles standing in your way

Identity your next step

On Your Own Terms
Coaching Program

Your journey will start with session dedicated to clarifying a vision for your ideal life. We will then make a plan to get you that life and overcome all the limiting beliefs that are standing in your way.

Our sessions are 1:1, over Zoom, so that the work we do is tailored to your needs.

Change takes time, which is why I ask for a 6 month commitment from new clients.

The process of creating the life you want, a life lived for yourself, can be broken down into the following 3 STEPS


1. Claim YOUR Vision

so that you know what you are working towards

so that you can start moving towards the life you want

2. Clarify your MINDSET

so that you can clear the road for yourself

so that you know it is do-able

3. Take ACTION


create a plan, follow the plan step by step, always know what the next step is


I offer programs to suit your particular needs. If you want to know more, book a 15 minute complimentary consultation and let's see if we are a match!

What people say...

Brenda Adams.png

As a someone who provides a service, not a tangible product, I have always struggled to clearly articulate what I do when I meet someone and they ask THAT question, “so what do you do?” I actually dreaded introductions because I always seemed to fumble and couldn’t put into words what I do. Then I took the Ultimate Why Formula course by Krys Pappius and learned what my WHY statement is and how to use that to share what I do.

For the first time in my career I am able to clearly articulate what I do and say it in such a way that people really respond. I look forward to introductions now because I know that their first experience of me is through a really strong, powerful and inspiring statement. My Why Statement is also a filter I use for all the decisions I need to make in my work, it has saved me so much time and energy in debating all the different things that I have to decide on every day.

On a personal note knowing my Why Statement has allowed me to step back from my day to day work and responsibilities and re-connect with the bigger picture of my life. The life that all the day to day stuff is creating, for better or for worse. It’s this re-connection to the larger view that’s bringing into focus areas of my life that are not serving me as well as they could be and areas where I need to celebrate more what is working well. You have to first know where you are before you can make any course corrections that will get you the life you want.

The Ultimate Why Formula course has made a tremendous impact on the fulfillment and confidence I feel in my work as well as in my personal life. I am tremendously grateful to Krys Pappius for her inspiring teaching style and her dedication to the growth of every person that she works with.

-Brenda Adams, M.Ed., B.Sc. (kinesiology), CPCC
Founder of The Personal Training Collective

It began in December of 2020, when TNT fitness posted a seminar on how to keep us focused on our fitness program. This is where I met Krys Pappius, who is a member of TNT fitness, so the connection was there.


Krys presented her information that included inquisitive questions.  I was moved and I wanted to learn more so I signed up for more sessions. This has been a blessing and I have grown through her guidance.


At first I had some anxiety about being vulnerable, but with her friendly, welcoming seating, the questioning she used, this feeling disappeared and our conversation took us on a path of discovery.


Krys is very easy to talk to, like talking to a friend. With each session, I was able to apply information learned to my everyday life. With all the trials, I had some celebrations that I learned to embrace. Yahoo!


I would recommend services to anyone who would like to grow as an individual. With each session I embark on, I learn more and more about myself, how I see the world, as well as what type of person I am.


Thank you for all your help and guidance, you have a soft spot in my heart.

-Heidi Havery

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