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The spark quiz will reveal where to focus your energy to create a life that is joyful, fun, and fulfilling.

The formula for living your best life is simple:



"YOU" refers to self-mastery: your ability to control your thoughts, emotions, and actions regardless of what is going on around you.

Self-mastery is the key to:

aligning your actions with your values and purpose so that you feel joy and fulfillment in life

breaking free from limiting beliefs so you can show up as your best self and have the impact you want to have

having the confidence to show up as your authentic self, leading to authentic connections with others

resilience and the ability to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, knowing in your core that you are enough

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“VISION” refers to having a clear and detailed picture of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations across all aspects of your life that is based on your values and purpose.

A clear vision acts like a compass. It is the key to:

always knowing if the choices you are making are taking you towards your destination or not

getting back on track when circumstances lead you astray


“ACTION” refers to actually implementing changes you want to make in a way that is neither scary nor overwhelming.

We humans are wired to living within our comfort zone and change, by definition, means stepping out of our comfort zone.

If you want to make changes in your life, you need to reverse engineer your goal – break the journey down into the smallest steps possible and then take consistent action until you achieve that goal.

When you reverse engineer a goal into the smallest steps possible:

you always know what your next step is

you can track your progress and stay motivated

you are never overwhelmed

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The Spark Quiz is an assessment of where you are in the YOU x VISION x ACTION formula and your score will help identify your next step.

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