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What do women and airplanes have in common?

What if I told you there was a new airline coming to an airport near you that would be selling tickets at the most discounted rates ever seen – would you be interested?

Would it help if I told you that it would offer service to anywhere in the world that had an airport? Would that peak your curiosity?

What if I told you that the reason they could offer such deeply discounted airfares was that they had a business model never seen before? Would that keep you interested?

What if I told you that this business model had NO maintenance budget- that they would simply fly their airplanes until they crashed and then they would replace them - would that change your opinion?

Just like an airplane, your body is a high-performance machine. It is the machine that makes it possible for you to navigate through this world you live in and accomplish all the tasks on your “to do” list.

Ignoring self-care is like running an airline without a maintenance budget. Ignore self-care, and you will run the machine into the ground.

Self-care is NOT a luxury; it is a necessity – it is as much of a necessity as a maintenance budget is to an airline.

So, what do I mean when I say “self-care”?


Self-care is anything you do to recharge the 4 batteries that keep the human body running. Those batteries include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Physical energy gives you strength, flexibility, resilience, endurance and confidence

Emotional energy gives you flexibility and resilience

Mental energy gives you focus and concentration, rational and intuitive thinking, and the ability to see multiple points of view

Spiritual energy gives you confidence, courage,

joy and fulfillment.

When these 4 batteries are fully charged, you have the capacity to deal with whatever life brings your way.


When one or more are empty, your relationships, health, and career all become a struggle.

Think of this as a 4-legged table.

When all 4 legs are balanced, the table if flat and you can pile things up on it (think – to do list).

But when one or more of the legs is out of balance, the whole table is wobbly, and whatever you put on it slides off.

Your body is a high-performance machine. Self-care simply means making sure that the machine is running properly, just like you would expect an airline to take care of the plane that is about to take you to 35000 feet.

Self-care is NOT selfish or self-indulgent. Self-care is what gives you the ability to get through life, doing what needs to be done, with the added bonus that you get to have some fun along the way.


If you are tired of never having time for self-care, for YOU, it simply means you have gotten into the HABIT of putting yourself last. Like any habit, if this one does not work for you, you can change it.

If you are stuck in the cycle of putting yourself last and are ready to make changes, let's chat. I offer complimentary 15 minute consultations. There is no obligation and at the end of our time together you will know if what I offer will be helpful to you and if we are a match.

Book your complementary call HERE.

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